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Flight School

The little eagles Flight School logo, featuring a cartoon-drawn baby eagle wearing flight goggles atop its head.  There are clouds in the background and the eagle is perched on the words "Flight School"Welcome to Little Eagles Flight School! 2024-25 will be the pilot year for this program, which invites 4-year-old preschool students from the Irving, Royal Heights and Soaring Heights attendance zones to enroll for quality early learning right in their own neighborhood.

Flight School offers the following benefits:

  • A FREE full day of preschool during normal elementary school hours
  • Bus service available to residents of the school's attendance zone
  • Breakfast and lunch served every day
  • Eligible students will qualify for Free/Reduced lunch prices
  • Full resources and services of Joplin Schools special education department, if needed

For this pilot year of programming, only three small classes were available and as of June 2024, they have been filled. For more information, please call Joplin Early Childhood at 417-625-5275.

Our goal is to offer a quality early learning experience to as many students as possible, and we are excited to get started! We hope to see you in our classrooms soon!

If you are interested in your child attending a Flight School classroom, please use the following pre-enrollment steps: